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The Canadian Pavilion

The Canadian Pavilion is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic stay, offering our guests a unique and historic accommodation in the heart of Bisley Camp with easy access to the town of Guildford and on to London. The Canadian Pavilion has a rich history, and we take pride in preserving it. Whether you are here for competitions, business travel, or a leisurely holiday, we promise you a memorable stay.

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The Canadian Pavilion at Bisley was commissioned and constructed by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association in 1897, built almost entirely from materials shipped from Canada. Most of the funding for its construction was provided by the Government of Canada. The building was designed to house the DCRA’s rifle team for them to participate in the annual National Rifle Association (NRA) summer shooting competitions.


Originally named ‘the Diamond Jubilee Memorial Canadian Pavilion’ in honour of celebrations surrounding the 60-year reign of Queen Victoria in 1897, the DCRA building at Bisley soon became known as ‘the Canadian Pavilion’ or ‘Canada House’. In 1975, in an impressive ceremony, the building was re-dedicated the 'Macdonald Stewart Canadian Pavilion' in recognition of the long-

Our History

time support of the Macdonald Stewart Foundation. During World War Two, the building was loaned to the Canadian Army and served as an administrative headquarters. It was returned to the DCRA after the war.

In recent years, the Canadian Armed Forces have resumed their practice of sending teams to Bisley to participate in the Services Skill in Arms and NRA Service Conditions Matches. After Remembrance Day ceremonies at Brookwood Military Cemetery each year, the Canadian contingent retires to the Pavilion to further reflect on its legacy and connections to the UK. The Canadian Pavilion at Bisley is not only an important part of Canada’s history and heritage but that of Bisley Camp itself.


In November of 2023, the Canadian Pavilion saw a change in management. The new management team, Maple Bridge Group, consists of a group of passionate Canadians that have the aim of ensuring the Canadian Pavilion's longevity and success. With competencies and expertise in construction, historic restorations, hospitality, and business, Maple Bridge Group came together to take on the great adventure of restoring and improving the Canadian Pavilion.


We look forward to sharing more information on the details of this project. For now, we invite you to visit us and our new bar, the Big Mug Pub, and see the beauty of the Canadian Pavilion!

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